The Old Kent Barn Wedding Photos

Bride & Groom – Hannah & Luke Pepper
Venue – The Old Kent Barn Link
Ceremony Location – Under gazebo outside
Photography – Scott Kendall Photography

The Preparations

The day started with Hannah and her bridesmaids getting ready in The Old Kent Barns bridal suite. This room is fairly spacious, and can easily handle 5 bridesmaids doing hair and make-up. The Old Kent Barn also had a tea and coffee station outside the room for refreshments, very nice.

As you can see the bridal suite has mixed lighting, the bright blue light from the one window at the end of the room and the yellow light from the interior lighting. it’s quite a tricky situation for a photographer to handle,  with every move you take having to change the white balance in your camera to adapt to the lighting. Never the less any experienced photographer can easily handle any situation like this.

During the morning I took the time to have a small walk around the grounds to scout out locations for later on in the day. I also found Luke getting ready in the Old Barn bedroom and snapped a few photos of him getting dressed.

The Ceremony

The ceremony took place outside in the gazebo. The Old Kent Barn has quite a number of seats for guests at the ceremony, and they are all under cover, nicely shaded from the sun and any small rain showers that may occur.

From a photographers perspective, shooting into a covered gazebo with the full power of the sun blearing down can be quite a task to get the correct exposure. Luckily the Old Kent Barns gazebo is very large and painted in brilliant white, giving a lovely soft and flattering light for anyone standing under it.

Another point to make, as a photographer it’s nice to have a lot of room to move around, especially behind the gazebo. Putting the couple in between the lens and the guests always makes for great photography. And just having the space to move around unobtrusively means I can get loads of different angles, rather than in some smaller venues, most of the photographs can all be from one spot in the room.

The Reception

Moving on into the new barn at The Old Kent Barn, this is one impressive building. You can tell the architect has really thought about us photographers when designing the blueprints. Everything lines up perfectly. All the pillars are straight, the lights line up with the centre of the room. It is by far the most symmetrical reception room I have ever photographed in.

The room is very large and has its own bar set off to one side. I don’t know how many The Old Kent Barn can cater for, but I bet its quite a few. I know from speaking the co-ordinator Kylie they pride them self highly on there catering and service. And I can tell you from tasting their food, it is certainly a tasty meal to have after a ceremony.

After the meal, I took Hannah and Luke for a quick photo walk during golden hour. The hour before and after sunset and sunrise. This is where you can get some beautiful golden light stretching across the landscape. As you can see we snuck out to the field behind and I captured Hannah and Luke as they walked towards me. It was quite uneven, and they had a good laugh trying to walk across it. But, that only makes for better photos.

The Old Kent Barn has beautiful grounds. a lake, gazebo. mini orchard and of course the barns. There are plenty of photo opportunities. Even if it was raining, you can get some creative images in the old barn. Just before I left in the evening I took Hannah and Luke to the gazebo with the plants growing around it for a bit of fun in the dark with the fairy lights.

The Old Kent Barn is certainly a wedding photographers paradise, symmetrical building interior, lovely open grounds for a variety of photographs, bridal suite for the preparations, the open space around the outside ceremony gazebo. And of course a very helpful on the day coordinator. Nothing beats a black coffee after a full on day photographing a wedding to get you through the evening. Thanks Kylie 😉

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