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Every couple has a different understanding of the perfect wedding day. This is why I don’t have a one price fits all wedding photography package. The variables can be, how long you want me at your wedding? How far away your wedding venue is? Do you require a second wedding photographer? Do you want any wedding albums and prints etc?

I generally split a wedding day up into 3 timelines. Preparations, Ceremony and Reception. However, each can have significantly different timescales for every wedding. It is worth thinking about what parts of the wedding day you want to be photographed.

The majority of couples who book my wedding photography service, want me to capture the whole day. From the excitement and nerves in the morning preparations, until just after the first dance. This is usually about a 10-11 hour day for me and is what I consider a full days coverage. If you are looking for a general price, take a look at my price bracket list below. I believe these 3 prices are what the majority of couples opt for. But of course, I can quote you a price for something a little different, just ask!

What's included
  • A meeting to discuss all your wedding plans and view some of my albums
  • A password-protected online gallery to share with your family and friends
  • Up to 500 images processed and edited by yours truly
  • A few sneak peek images sent to you a few days after the wedding
  • Delivered USB with the Hi-Resolution photos included
  • Unlimited personal usage of the photographs
  • 10 FREE 6×4 archival prints delivered along with the USB
Additional Extras
Second Photographer + £150 – £300
Photobooth + £165
Wedding Albums + £125 – £500
Parent Albums + £99+

“Long after the flowers have faded and the last crumb of cake has been eaten, the photographs are the things you still have to cherish the memory of your special day. Scott’s photo’s surpassed our expectations and we would have no hesitation in recommending his wedding photography services. All our guests commented in the most positive way to his professionalism, dedication to doing a job well, his quiet assertiveness, friendly nature and great interaction with both adults and children.”

 – Kate & Terry

General 2019 Price List

20% of my clients require a bespoke price not shown below.
Please do ask if these packages don’t fit your wedding!
Half Day
6 - 7 Hours Coverage
Ceremony – First Dance
250 – 350 Hi-Res Photos
6×4 Fine Art Print Box
Delivered USB
Online Gallery
Full Day
10 - 11 Hours Coverage
Bridal Prep – First Dance
400 – 500 Hi-Res Photos
6×4 Fine Art Print Box
Delivered USB
Online Gallery
Full Day + Album
10 - 11 Hours Coverage + Album
Bridal Prep – First Dance
+ Wedding Album
10×10 Wedding Album
400 – 500 Hi-Res Photos
6×4 Fine Art Print Box
Delivered USB
Online Gallery
Ultimate Package
10 - 11 Hours Coverage + 3 Albums
Bridal Prep – First Dance
+ Wedding Album & 2 Parent Gift Albums
10×10 Wedding Album
2 6×6 Parent Gift Albums
400 – 500 Hi-Res Photos
6×4 Fine Art Print Box
Delivered USB
Online Gallery
Multiple album savings

How do I Book?

If you like what you see! please use my wedding enquiry form on my contact page to get in touch. I like to meet couples for a coffee and talk all about wedding plans first, it’s a great way to get to know each other before booking. I’ll also bring along some example wedding albums, so you can have a good look at the final product some of my previous couples have received.

After we’ve chatted for a bit and you are happy with the price I have given, all that is required is a £250 deposit and the completion of my online wedding agreement to secure your wedding day in my diary.

Be sure to contact me as soon as you can, my weekends tend to fill up rather quickly, especially during the Summer months. It’s not unheard of to book a wedding photographer 2-3 years in advance!

If you are unsure yet, I am more than happy to pencil your wedding into my diary for a short while. You can have a think and do some more research, just let me know in the contact form!


Do you offer wedding albums & prints?


Perhaps the most important part of your wedding photography experience is the wedding photo album. It is a future-proof way to reminisce that special occasion.

My wedding album prices can range from £90-£495 depending on size, quality of paper, mounting and presentation type etc.

I also offer parent albums which can be bought individually or as a pair for an additional discount. The perfect gift!

I also sell archival print boxes, these are great for framing, or even to keep in the box and as a small gift for bridesmaids and ushers.

Larger canvas prints can also be ordered after the wedding, just the same as all of my printed products. Perfect for hanging as home decor.

Do you offer a Photo-Booth?

Yes I do offer a digital Photo Booth service for events and weddings. It’s a great opportunity to scavenge through my fancy dress box and let the inner model out.

To view more information on my Photo Booth service click on this link. Photo Booth

Do we need to meet you first before we can book you?

No, we don’t have to meet first. If you are happy with what you have seen on my website and just want to secure me for your wedding day, then I am more than happy to book over email or the phone. All you will need to do is fill in my wedding agreement and pay the reservation deposit.

Just let me know in the contact form if you want to book me right away!

What kind of photography equipment do you use?

I always use a professional standard of equipment, and am always introducing new and exciting gear to my camera bag. I shoot with 2 high-quality Nikon camera and change between these 4 super sharp lenses, 14mm-24mm wide angle lens, 24mm-70mm standard zoom and the mega 70mm-200mm zoom. I also use a 50mm fixed focal length to create some lovely portraits which work really well to blow the background out making it super out of focus and soft.

I often use strobe lights on and off the camera for dramatic effect and for a little bit of a punch to the often underlit venues.

I have also been known to shoot on 35mm, 120mm medium format and Polaroid film to create some quite lovely artist style to my images. Please do ask more about shooting on film and I may be able to shoot a few rolls or slides at your wedding.

Here is a photo of all my equipment! (Well not all of it, I needed another camera to take the photo in the first place)


lots of cameras