My name is Scott Kendall, I am a full-time Kent-based photographer specialising in a documentary style of wedding photography, although I do shoot across the whole of the UK and Europe. Capturing weddings has been my main focus for the past 8 years. Since which I have seen my fair share of wedding shenanigans, and can not! be shared on this website.

Kent has been my home for all my life; apart from the three years I studied my Photography degree at Portsmouth. This is where I realised my talent as a photographer and my passion for capturing real people. Since then I started my wedding photography business and moved to Whitstable. Soon after I found a fantastic girlfriend (soon to be wife) and a very affectionate cat/editing assistant Hammy, who you will no doubt find photos of on my Instagram. (And yes, Hammy is short for Alexander Hamilton.)

About My Photography

I am described by my peers as a documentary wedding photographer. This means I photograph real candid moments during a wedding day. None of this “say cheese” nonsense, I don’t believe a wedding should feel like a photoshoot.

The happy, emotional and fun-filled wedding days are what drove me to specialise in wedding photography. It has to be one of the only jobs where you work with people who are literally experiencing the best day of their life.

Of course, I do dabble in other photographic disciplines as well, family, portrait, headshot, product, sport etc.

When I’m not taking pictures

Wedding photography is not the only industry I am in. Each year I work as the official picture editor for Wimbledon.com during the Wimbledon Tennis Championships. It’s a welcome break from holding a camera in hand.

I’d say I’m quite an adventurous guy, when I get a break from taking pictures you will probably find me sailing the Swale estuary or skiing in the Alps, anything with a bit of adrenaline always gets me excited. Especially cycling! Mountain biking, road biking and bike packing it’s all good fun in my books.

In fact, during my final year at University, I ran the Portsmouth Uni cycling club. So you will likely see a few bike selfies sneaking into my Instagram feed.